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River Thames provides heating and hot water for Oxfordshire property

River Thames provides heating and hot water for Oxfordshire property

21kW Water Source Heat Pump installed in this beautiful riverside property

Thanks to our company ground Sun ltd water from the River Thames is now providing 100% of the space heating and hot water for this 400m squared property. Water is an ideal energy source for a heat pumps as it makes for the most efficient system up to 550% efficent..

Water source heat pumps are often less expensive to install than  traditional Ground Source Heat Pump as there is no need for  extensive trenching. The only trenching required for this installation was to lay two 63mm pipes from the river to the plant room and then one returning to the river in the same 100mm wide trench, the trench was subsequently backfilled the same day  . This system is an open-loop water source heat pump system, which means that water is pumped out of the river, heat is extracted and the water returned to the river seconds later  at a slightly lower temperature.

The installation has qualified for the Government's Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and will be eligible for payments of 19.10p pence per kWh. Payments are made over a period of 7 years and are inflation linked. This produces an RHI income of circa 40,000 over the 7 year RHI grant time. Reduced space heating and hot water run costs are confirmed to be up to 70% lower bills