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Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

With correct integration of the heat pump in the overall energy system of large-volume buildings, simultaneous heating and cooling can be achieved for maximum efficiency.

  • Large-volume building heating & air conditioning of office buildings, residential buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, production facilities, etc.
  • Hospitality & sports facilities heating for space heating, swimming pool heating, water heating, air conditioning. Short amortization periods because of the constantly high heating and heat demand
  • Agriculture heated greenhouses or ponds for fish farming
  • Infrastructure-icing of roads, railway tracks, concrete runways, lawn and sports fields and much more…

Heating and Cooling 

Instead of using a fuel boiler to produce heat and a separate parallel chiller for cooling, the OCHSNER heat pump can perform both functions ( heating and cooling) simultaneously or consecutively. In this case, the result is lower investment costs and unbeatable high energy efficiencies with unbeatable low operating costs.

Ground Sun work closely with OCHSNER to ensure an optimally functioning heat pump is designed, installed and operated. A correct interpretation of the heat source and heat sink is paramount and ensures reliable operation and low operating costs.

Heat Source & Heat Sinks 














Screw Compressor Series IWWS, ISWS

  • Capacities - 100kw to 1,600Kw individual machines, placed in series up to 25,000Kw
  • Flow temperatures up to 75°C
  • COP - Typical Coefficient Of Performance Source W10 output 50 ~COP 4.1
  • 1-Stage refrigeration circuit
  • Semi-hermetic compact screw compressor
  • win-shaft rotation displacement machines with asymmetric high-performance profiles
  • Slide switch control, rotation speed control (optional)
  • High operational safety by means of efficient force-fed lubrication
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Mechanical soft-start using pressure comp when compressor is on
  • Ochsner Electronic Injector technology - used for evaporator and Economizer
  • Highest COP due to precise overheat control
  • Max evaporator use due to a stable overheating during the complete operational range
  • High security due to full compressor protection (no liquid slugging)
  • OVI-Technology (OCHSNER Vapour Injection)
  • Super-cooling circuit with partial flow vapour injection
  • Increase in heating capacity by increased mass flow
  • Refrigeration Circuit - Tube bundle heat exchanger as evaporator and condenser  

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