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A Closer Look at Helical Piles

Helical piles are perfect for a variety of foundation work - see why here

Helical piles are a form of screw pile. Made up of a steel shaft and with a number of low pitched plates of a circular composition welded along the shaft, they provide the foundation and compression that ensures they can be utilised for numerous work in a whole variety of areas and across a number of industries.

A steel load transfer grillage is utilised to connect the helical piles. The piles themselves are screwed into the ground via either a hydraulic or electric drill – this can be done quickly and easily and therefore renders concrete foundations as obsolete. One of the greatest benefits of helical piles is that they are relatively inexpensive – this is partially down to the fact they are fast to install and also because they don’t require nearly as many materials for installation as a concrete or alternative form of foundation such as concrete.

Helical screw piles can be utilised for a whole variety of different work and so come in a number of different thicknesses, lengths and sizes. This allows them to be versatile, ensures they are greener than many of the other options available and lower costing. We’ve used them across a whole array of different building, civil and transport work and have achieved fantastic success in doing so.

A Quick List of the Benefits of Helical Piles

  • Easy and fast to install
  • Low cost in comparison to alternatives
  • Concrete is not required which as positive impact on cost and environmental factors
  • They can be easily reused
  • Installation is fast and also very quiet.

Who can Utilise Helical Screw Piles

We have a whole variety of different styles of helical screw piles and these can be utilised for a variety of different ground conditions and so means they are very versatile. These can be installed extremely quickly and are one of the fastest forms of foundations in existence in terms of installation time. A helical pile can also be installed quickly and quietly and doesn’t have the requirement for large machinery or issues restricting access – something cement alternatives can’t offer. This has meant that there has been a notable rise in interest in helical pile installation and is the reason the technology is increasingly popular and used widely today.

Here are some of the factors for installation

  • Utilised in all soil
  • Used at angles of up to 45 degrees
  • Fantastic for supporting structures
  • Can be used on embankments
  • Are ideal for low temperature use, unlike concrete
  • We can provide custom made solutions to fit with a variety of requirements

A helical pile provides a raft of benefits and can be utilised in a variety of foundations at a low price and with a low environmental cost. If you are interested in our helical piles then please contact us at Ground Sun – we’d love to discuss your options.