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An Air Source Heat Pump for you and your Neighbours

Modern air source heat pumps work exceptionally quiet, but do you know how to choose the right product?


If you want to convert the heating of your house to renewable energy, air heat pumps offer an easy way to do this. The heat pump with the heat source air do not require expensive deep bores or collectors installed flat in the ground - a so-called evaporator unit, which extracts heat from the outside air, is sufficient. But these outdoor units work with fans, and that has already led to neighbourhood disputes in some places. Because many heat pumps with the heat source air still develop an unpleasant noise level, which can disturb the inhabitants of the house and their neighbours sensitively.

The only silent heat pump on the market

The heat pump pioneer Ochsner demonstrates that things can be done differently with their GMLW and Air Eagle product line. According to the manufacturer, the model has the lowest noise emissions of all currently available heat pumps and therefore operates quietly as an example. Above all, this is due to a technically advanced and large-sized fan technology. Together with an infinitely variable running speed adapted to the actual needs of the fan or fan runs very slowly and quietly, so that annoyance with the neighbours once and for all is excluded. Visit for more information on heat pump technology.

Good performance figures ensure favourable heat in every season

With a compromise in performance, the quiet technology does not have to be paid for. On the contrary: in tests conducted by the independent heat pump centre in the Swiss city of Buchs, the model occupies top positions in the performance indicators. The coefficient of performance (COP) at an outside air temperature of ten degrees is 5.1. In other words, the heat pump generates five parts of heat from one part of the electricity using free environmental energy. And even at two degrees below zero, the COP for a water temperature of 35 degrees is still at 3.6.


In order to gain enough energy from the ambient air for heating and water heating, the evaporator unit of a heat pump must set large volumes of air in motion. In simple, vertical fan units, the necessary fans run fast and often cause an unpleasant high noise level. To transport the same volume of air quieter, heat pump pioneer Ochsner relies on horizontally running and larger table evaporators: the fan noise is significantly lower.