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How much are CFA Piles Costing You?

Construction teams and piling contractors face significant financial and time investment when working with CFA Continuous Flight Auger piles. On installation alone, the process is tenfold.

Anchor and Foundation Flooding

CHANCE Foundation Anchors in Rock

Handheld installation of rock anchors with capacities of up to 160kN installed in minutes saves you time and money on your utility transmission and telecom tower installation.

CHANCE Helical Pile Load Test

CHANCE helical pile testing

3 Reasons Helical Piles are More Cost Effective

A helical pile is a slim deep-foundation underpinning that consists of a steel shaft surrounded by screw-like helical plates or flights. The pile is twisted into the ground and combines the load-bearing capabilities of skin friction on the shaft and end-bearing on the helix plates.

Ground Sun and Eton Manor RFC win National Energy Efficiency Award!

Ground Sun wins the 2017 Small Scale Project of the Year - for its project at Eton Manor Rugby Club - at the National Energy Efficiency Awards. The awards were held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham and were presented by Lenny Henry! Judges considered the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, with a special emphasis on any successful integration of any National or Local Government Energy Efficiency schemes into the nominated project. The judges also looked at: - the impact the project had within the community. - what the customers and local community had to say about the project - what level of expertise the project management and delivery team had in delivering this type of project.

Ground Sun wins 'RHI Installer of the Year 2017' award!

Ground Sun are delighted to have won the RHI Installer of the Year award at the Greater London Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes Regional Awards. The awards were held at Lords Cricket Ground on Wednesday 24th May 2017 and have been developed to recognise and celebrate all green best practice across the UK.

Saving Money with Ground Source Heat Pumps

A closer look at how we saved a client money with our Oschner Heat Pumps

A Closer Look at Helical Piles

Helical piles are perfect for a variety of foundation work - see why here

5 benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps for businesses

Commercial heat pumps are a fantastic way to cut heating costs for a business - here is why

What's involved in a Screw Pile Foundation Installation?

A traditional screw pile foundation installation utilises a number of different factors and we're going to take you through them.

5 Reasons to Consider a Water Source Heat Pump System

Water source heat pumps provide a lot of benefits to properties and we're going to take a closer look.

EU to Introduce Energy Rating Labels for Heat Pumps

Changes to the EU law mean that the sustainability and efficiency of heat pumps will soon be clearer to see thanks to energy rating labels

GSHP Installation: What to expect?

What should you expect with a heat pump installation - we take a closer look

7 Reasons to Consider a Water Source Heat Pump

There are numerous reasons to consider a water source heat pump - here are 7 of the best

Pile Foundations and their Suitability within Construction

As housing developments upon the UK's brownfield sites continues apace the industry has had to adapt and change in order to consider the characteristics of such sites.

Ground Sun Scholarship

Our Ground Sun Scholarship for students starts now - get in touch

UK's 1st Commercial radial horizontally drilled Ground Source Heat Pump installation

Ground Sun installs the Uk's 1st commercial ground source heat pump to use (trenchless) radial horizontal drilling techniques in Welshpool, Wales. This project represents a leading example of innovative ideas for sustainable heat in the UK.